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About the House

The view of the village, the valley and the sea is absolutely ”benissimo” from the house. By car you will reach the sea and the beaches in approximately 5 minutes.

From early morning to late night the sun follows the veranda of the house.

The house was rebuilt and renovated by an german architect in the eighties, and the architectural features are obvious. Exciting and surprising spaces, genuine building materials and a strong sense of conserving the peculiar nature of the old house. During the recent years the house has gently been renovated again.

Basic facts
• 120 square meters
• 2 bathrooms
• 3 bedrooms
• 9 rooms in total
• Terrace
• Courtyard
• Independent heating

• Sea view
• 3 km to the sea
• Satellite antenna for TV and broadband (not installed at the moment)
• Mobile AC
• The house has been completely decorated inside during the 2 last years.